Videos and Pranks

Welcome to the little collection of videos and pranks. Similar to all the games, they are meant to be fun. Watch out though, because some of the pranks are scary! Hopefully you'll enjoy these, but if you're looking to find games, we have plenty of those here



Animator vs Animation
Animator vs Animation 2

Animator vs Animation is a classic flash video about an animation that goes berserk! Enjoy this little bit of classic animation.

The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny
Originally made as a music video, "The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny" became an instant favorite. Featuring countless pop culture icons as well as childhood superheroes, this flash video clever animations go well with a catchy tune, Watch out though, there may be a bit of cartoon violence!

Xiao Xaio 2

The "Xiao Xiao" series, known for stick figure action scenes, seems to have become a collection of fairly popular flash videos. Stick figures kung-fu fighting with 'Matrix' like effects. Who could ask for more?


These two pranks disguise themselves as games of skill, but then surprise you with a good unexpected jolt. Intended for lighthearted use on others, but be careful, these pranks are very scary!

The "Charlie the Unicorn" series is a comical flash animation. Enjoy this little bit of internet gold!